INEVIFIT Body Fat Scale with Body Weight, BMI & more (WHITE)

  • Monitor body composition values; body fat %, total body water, muscle %, bone mass and BMR.
  • Save up to 10 unique users so that you and your family can easily monitor fitness progress.
  • Auto On-Off feature & Advanced User profiles to provide more accurate composition readings.
  • Auto On-Off feature & Advanced User profiles to provide more accurate composition readings.
  • Get 7-day real USA customer support and our products include the industry leading 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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The Ideal Fitness Body Composition Analyzer Scale

Getting and staying fit has never been easier! INEVIFIT has made it convenient to monitor and track your body composition values by developing their all-new Body Analyzer Scale. Now you will be able to quickly get accurate body-fat % muscle mass %, total body water %, bone mass, suggested basal metabolic caloric intake and even a reference fat grade, so that you know your body composition in seconds. This information is exactly what you need to reach your goals faster and stay motivated for the long run. The best part is that our fitness scale will keep your user profile stored so you only need to enter your information once and you will be automatically recognized on future uses. That means you will be able to focus on what matters and get that summer body you always wanted faster than ever!

Keep your Body Fat and Water Percentages in Check

Consistent gains in your fitness is literally a step away! As you work on your nutrition and exercises you will be able to check up daily & weekly on your body composition to make sure you are right on track. This will allow you to meet your fitness goals faster, be able to focus on burning the unwanted fat, and live an overall healthier life. Taking control of your fitness is literally this simple!

Elegant, Sleek & Efficient!

Rejuvenate the look of your bathroom or bedroom by adding this beautiful piece of technology in your home. We have designed the modern yet elegant look of our body scale right here in Southern California, and have only used the finest materials to ensure you enjoy the premium quality experience. We have used a larger 3.6” LCD display to allow for easy reading and upgraded the sensors to allow weighing users of up to 400lbs (180kgs).

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 15 x 3 in




INEVIFIT Body Analyzer Scale Instructions

In order to easily setup your INEVIFIT Body-Analyzer scale for its first use, begin by removing the clear plastic film from the battery compartment to power your scale. Firmly double-tap on the “SET” button, so that the user profile number begins blinking. Use the Up and Down arrows to select your preferred profile number. We recommend beginning with P-1 for the first user. Tap “SET” to confirm and proceed with entering your gender and level of physical activity. Here you may choose male, female, athletic-male, or athletic-female. Please note that you should be performing at least 10 hours of rigorous physical activity per week to use the athletic setting. Tap “SET” to confirm and proceed with entering your age. Tap “SET” one last time to confirm and proceed to entering your height. Congratulations, you have successfully saved your user profile. Now, simply place your scale on a hard and level surface to begin using it. For body composition analysis, your feet must be bare and have good contact with the metal electrodes. If you have additional users, simply repeat the setup process and select a different user profile. Be sure to review the INEVIFIT instructions manual and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thank you for choosing INEVIFIT!

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